Policies and Procedures

Some of our FPF policies, deadlines and procedures differ from those on the Berkeley campus. Please review the important information below.


You may not take less than 13 units (College of Letters and Science minimum) or more than 16 units of coursework during your semester in FPF. Students who need to reduce their course load below 13 units should contact an FPF Advisor in the case of extenuating circumstances such as part-time or full-time employment, disabilities, or family obligations.

You will enroll in classes online through CalCentral. FPF students, like continuing students, have two-phase enrollment for the fall semester. This is the same two-phase process that you will have for enrolling in spring semester courses. See our Course Planning page for more information on enrolling in classes.

Adding and Dropping Classes

There are strict deadlines for making changes to your schedule.

  • Deadline to Add a Class: Third week of instruction, Friday
  • Deadline to Drop a Class: Third week of instruction, Friday
  • Deadline to Change Grading Option to Letter Grade: 10th week of instruction, Friday
  • Deadline to Change Grading Option to Passed/Not Passed: 10th week of instruction, Friday

Exceptional Schedule Changes Past the Deadlines

The Add/Drop and Grading Option deadlines are strictly enforced by UC Berkeley and FPF. Changes to student schedules after the deadlines are extremely rare. If you have personal or academic difficulties during the term, please see an FPF advisor as soon as possible; your advisor will explain your options. If you have extenuating circumstances (i.e., events or circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from acting by the relevant deadline or arose unexpectedly after the deadline), you may submit a formal written petition for an Exceptional Change of Schedule by the Friday of RRR Week at 4 pm. The following items must be submitted by email to the FPF Exceptional Changes Committee at fpf@berkeley.edu:

  • A written petition indicating what change you would like to make and the reason for your request. Please be as detailed as possible, including specific dates where appropriate.
  • Supporting documentation, such as a letter from a health care professional or a "Verification/Evaluation of Medical Care" form from University Health Services. Please Note: If you would prefer not to submit documentation with your petition, you may submit it to your FPF Advisor instead and request to keep the materials confidential.

The petition will be evaluated by the committee, and you will be informed of the decision via email.

Note: Extenuating circumstances do not include:

  • not needing or wanting a class
  • not doing well in a class
  • not knowing you were still enrolled in a class
  • not knowing the deadline or procedure for changing your schedule
  • forgetting to make an intended change
  • not knowing how well you were doing by the deadline
  • having too heavy a course load
  • wishing to improve your GPA

Enrollment Verification

If you need enrollment verification for an outside agency (i.e., insurance, scholarship or other purposes) before instruction begins, you may use the "FPF Registration Confirmation" email sent to you by FPF.

Once instruction begins, you may generate your enrollment verification through CalCentral in “My Academics”. If an outside agency provides a verification form, you can work with your FPF Advisor to provide the required information. Please allow enough time to schedule an appointment with your advisor to complete the form. It is your responsibility to forward the completed form or letter to the outside agency.

Non-FPF Course Enrollment

FPF is designed to create a learning community where students have greater opportunities for shared academic experiences during the fall semester. As such, FPF students will not receive credit in courses outside of the FPF curriculum. The only exceptions are Theme Housing Program seminars, one DeCal course up to 2 units (decal.berkeley.edu), and ROTC courses for scholarship recipients. You may be able to participate in other courses and activities on an audit basis (un-enrolled, with the permission of the instructor) but grades you earn in courses taken at UC Berkeley outside of the FPF curriculum (other than the exceptions listed above) during your FPF semester will not be computed as part of your UC Berkeley GPA.


Course grades assigned by FPF instructors are final, with the exception of Incomplete (I) grades. Once final grades are submitted, you cannot negotiate grade changes with your instructors. Please direct any grade inquiries to the FPF office by emailing fpf@berkeley.edu, and the FPF staff will coordinate the necessary procedures. 


On rare occasions, an instructor can assign you the grade Incomplete (I) if your work in a course has been of passing quality through at least three quarters of the semester but is incomplete due to circumstances beyond your control. Incomplete grades must be formally documented in writing and approved by the FPF administration prior to the end of the semester.

Strict policies, procedures and deadlines apply to Incomplete grades and the completion of student work. Deadlines and procedures for Incomplete grades in FPF are different from those at UC Berkeley. Please contact your FPF Advisor for more information.

Passed/Not Passed

You can elect to take eligible FPF courses on a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis. Please consider the following restrictions when deciding to take an FPF course P/NP:

  • You cannot take Reading and Composition (R&C) or College Writing classes for the P/NP grading option. The R&C and Entry-Level Writing requirements can only be fulfilled with a passing letter grade.
  • Courses taken to satisfy the L&S Quantitative Reasoning requirement must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Most major departments do not accept P grades toward prerequisites or major requirements. This generally applies to courses taken in preparation for medical school or another health-related professional program.
  • Courses taken to fulfill the American Cultures requirement and the L&S Seven-Course Breadth requirement may be taken P/NP.
  • P/NP grades are not computed as part of your GPA.
  • Passed grades may account for no more than one third of the total completed units taken on the Berkeley campus at the time of graduation (includes Passed grades earned in FPF and through the Education Abroad Program, UCDC, the University of California Intercampus Exchange Program and University Extension).
  • In order to receive a P, your level of performance in the course must correspond to a minimum letter grade of C–.
  • A student who receives all incomplete grades, takes all courses on a passed/not passed basis, or a combination of passed/not passed, incomplete grades will fail to achieve a sufficient GPA and will be placed on probation. Even if the student earns all passes, since no grade points are earned, the student will have a 0.0 GPA and will be placed on probation.

Final Grade Reviews and Appeals

All grades except Incomplete are final when submitted by the instructor to FPF at the end of the course. An instructor may request a change of grade only when a computational or procedural error occurred in the original assignment of a grade. A grade may not be changed or revised as a result of re-evaluation of student work, student re-examination, or the submission of additional student work after the end of the course.

FPF considers grades to be a matter of academic judgment on the part of the instructor. You may challenge your grade and request a final grade review only in certain circumstances. Grounds for requesting a grade review at the end of the course include:

  • Application of nonacademic criteria—such as considerations of race, politics, religion or gender—not directly reflective of performance related to course requirements
  • Sexual harassment
  • Clerical or procedural error in the calculation of the final grade

To request a grade review, contact the FPF office at fpf@berkeley.edu by April 30, 2018. The FPF staff will work with the instructor to conduct the grade review and inform you of the decision—including any remedies, if applicable—within 30 days of receiving the request for review.

If, and only if, the above procedures have failed to resolve the matter, you may appeal the FPF administration decision by submitting a letter addressed to the Dean's Office, UC Berkeley Extension, 1995 University Ave., Suite 110, Berkeley, CA 94704-7000. This written request for appeal must be initiated within 30 days of receiving the decision from the FPF administration. The dean's designee will review the request for appeal, conduct an investigation and make a decision—including any remedies, if applicable—within 30 days of receiving the request for appeal. The dean's designee makes the final decision for unresolved grade appeals for all students enrolled in FPF courses and programs. In extenuating circumstances, the appeal timeline may be extended.

Academic Records and Transcripts

At the end of the semester, FPF course grades will be posted in the Current Term Grades section on CalCentral.berkeley.edu. However, they will not appear in the Academic Record/Unofficial Transcript section until late February.

If you need an unofficial transcript, please use the "Prior Term" grades page on CalCentral.berkeley.edu.

You will also have an official UC Berkeley Extension transcript after your participation in FPF. Visit our Transcripts page for more information on access your Extension student records and ordering an Extension transcript if you need one.

Program Cancellations and Withdrawals

Before Your SIR Deadline: You have the opportunity to change your First Year Pathway selection to an available Pathway up until the SIR deadline stated in your Admissions letter and Conditions of Admission.

After Your SIR Deadline and Before Instruction Begins: Once your SIR deadline has passed, your registration in FPF Berkeley or FPF San Francisco is final. You can petition to cancel by exception only. Please email fpf@berkeley.edu with your request, including any extenuating circumstances which are outside of your control and impacted your need to cancel your FPF registration. Note: If your cancellation is approved, other First-Year Pathways may be unavailable to you.

After Instruction Begins: On occasion, UC Berkeley students need to withdraw from the university for various personal or medical reasons. If you think you may need to withdraw during your semester in FPF, you are required to meet with an FPF advisor to discuss your situation as soon as possible. We are happy to help you through this process.  After any break in enrollment, you will need to apply for readmission in preparation for return to UC Berkeley. For more information on the withdrawal policies and procedures, please read the L&S Advising withdrawal page as well as the campus policies.

If you stop attending your classes without formally withdrawing, you should expect to receive an F or NP in all of your courses, and your UC Berkeley account will continue to be billed.

To formally withdraw from UC Berkeley after instruction has begun, you may start the withdrawal process by submitting a Withdrawal Request Form in CalCentral. Depending on when you withdraw from the program, you may be responsible for a prorated fee as set by the UC Berkeley schedule for fee adjustments. Withdrawing from the program may affect your financial aid and housing. Please visit the UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for information on the possible impacts of withdrawal on the future of your financial aid.

The final deadline to withdraw is the last day of instruction (Friday of RRR week) at 4pm.

Readmission Deadline: If you withdraw after the Readmission Deadline on November 1st, you will not be able to register for the following spring semester, and all of your spring classes will be dropped from your schedule. The earliest that you would be able to register is the following fall semester. Every student who withdraws needs to apply for Readmission in order to come back to Berkeley. 

Student Conduct

UC Berkeley takes student conduct very seriously. When you register for FPF, you join an academic community in which each person makes the commitment to behave with academic integrity and to accept the civil and civic responsibilities that ensure the freedom of expression of other community members. You are expected to know your rights and responsibilities.

Please review:

Suspicions or allegations of academic dishonesty must be reported to the program staff and may result in serious academic consequences.

FPF attempts to resolve issues surrounding academic dishonesty at the instructional and administrative levels of the program. Certain offenses, however, may be referred to the Center for Student Conduct  for review and further adjudication. All cases of academic misconduct are reported to the Center for Student Conduct for the purpose of recordkeeping.