FPF Ambassadors

Berkeley Ambassadors

Kathleen Hsu, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Major: Cognitive Science

I'm a Bay Area native from Sunnyvale, a suburb an hour south from Berkeley. Some of my hobbies include hiking, cooking, listening to music, designing things and going on spontaneous adventures. Please feel free to reach out!

Stanley Shaw, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Majors: History & Conservation and Resource Studies

I'm from Arcadia, a quiet suburb down south in Los Angeles. I love taking photos with my DSLR and going on hikes. I also volunteer with Alpha Phi Omega or working on some journalism-related projects. Drop me a line!

Julia Wickstrom, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Major: Integrative Biology

I was born and raised in the small town of Woodland, about an hour-and-half north of Berkeley. You'll find me learning to play ukulele and rooting for the Bears with Rally Comm. Feel free to contact me!

Maya Luna, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Major: Applied Mathematics

After living in San Diego my whole life, I moved to NorCal as the first in my family to attend a university. I love dogs, beaches, concerts, grilled-cheese, and the Oxford comma. Feel free to contact me.

Katrina Uy, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Major: Integrative Biology

I'm a Bay Area native, and I'm currently living the pre-med life. Since I'm involved with the United Nations Association at Berkeley, I also know about politics and law. I love showing people around Berkeley, so feel free to contact me!

Ally Gao, FPF Class of 2015
Intended Majors: Economics and Business Administration

I've moved around between Texas and California, but I attended a high school near Sacramento. I love mentoring younger kids and watching any Marvel superhero movie. Feel free to contact me to chill over some boba!

Libby Runte, FPF Class of 2014
Major: Cognitive Science
Minor: Computer Science

I grew up in the Sierra Nevadas, and moving to the urban Berkeley was a leap that I would gladly take again. I’m an avid runner, hiker, and coffee lover, so if you want a buddy on your next expedition or a cup of joe, shoot me an email!

Ankur Gupta, FPF Class of 2014
Intended Major: Molecular Cell Biology

I was born in Anaheim but lived most of my life in the Bay Area. The weather rocks, and I love surfing in Santa Cruz. I love basketball, and I play on an intramural team. I can tell you all about being "pre-med" so, feel free to message me.

Maryam Sabeti, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Undecided

I really enjoyed being in FPF because it's a nice, tight-knit community. I got to have meaningful discussions with my peers and instructors, and received a lot of helpful feedback on my work. I recommend FPF to anyone. Feel free to send me an email!

Namrata Challa, FPF Class of 2014
Intended Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

I am a NorCal native and hail from the hella awesome city of San Jose. I'm an ice cream enthusiast, and my goal is to try every ice cream spot in Berkeley. If you're up for the adventure, don't hesitate to contact me!

Samantha Yen, FPF Class of 2014
Intended Major: Economics
Minor: Art History

I'm a SoCal girl from Glendale, but I'm loving NorCal even more! I'm an avid music lover, and I play drums on the California Drumline here at Berkeley. FPF was a great way to start, and I'd love to tell you about it, so hit me up!

Suzanna Chak, FPF Class of 2014
Majors: Comparative Literature and Molecular and Cell Biology

I have lived in the Bay Area (Castro Valley) my whole life and have been spoiled by the amazing weather and proximity to the coast. I love to read, bake, and help new students, so feel free to ask me anything!

Yanglan Jiang, FPF Class of 2014
Majors: Business and Economics

I've lived in the Bay Area for the majority of my life. Given the weather and great food, I don't think I'll ever find a reason to leave. I love dogs and TV shows, so if you share my interest, or you just want to chat, contact me!

Juliette Mekikian, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Business

I am from the small town of La Canada. If I could summarize my FPF experience in 3 words I would say it was Individualized, resourceful, and eye-opening. The counselors and professors at FPF are very engaged. If you want to chat , contact me!

Idalys Perez, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Undecided

As a first generation college student, I was so excited to come to Berkeley! FPF gave me the personalized advising I needed. With small classes and supportive instructors, I transitioned to the main campus very easily. Feel free to send me an email!

Anthony Ruano, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Political Science or Economics

Hi friends! I had an amazing experience at FPF. I came from a really small high school and coming to a huge and competitive university was a bit overwhelming. But FPF brought it down to earth for me. I'd love to tell you more about it! Feel free to contact me.

San Francisco Ambassadors

Damini Grover, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Computer Science

Hello! I'm from Coppell Texas and I loved my time at FPF SF. In my first semester I got involved in Virtual Reality club, Cal Archery, Berkeley IEEE while taking classes in San Francisco. I also love reading, movies, and art. Feel free to contact me!

Joseph Seo, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Majors: Molecular and Cell Biology and Public Health

Hey guys! Coming from Carmel Indiana I was super excited to come to Berkeley and back to California. I'm involved in Space Enterprise at Berkeley and Phi Delta Theta, and I'm planning to apply to med-school, but also interested in social justice. Feel free to contact me!

Salwa Meghjee, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: English

Hello everyone! I came from the opposite end of the country, Orlando Florida. I'm part of Berkeley's student government, English Undergraduate Association, and CREATE. I also co-founded Golden Women, which is a women's theatre company. I'd love to hear from you!

Luke Birdsong, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Majors: Business and Geography

Hi there! I came to Berkeley from Hyde, Maryland. I'm a proud memeber of Rally Committee, Student Action, and Campus Ambassadors at Berkeley. I'm also interested in real estate. I'm happy to share about any of these things and FPF SF, feel free to email me!

Alana Lopez-Koen, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Development Studies

Hello new and future Bears! I'm from Rocklin, CA, just north of Sacramento. I'm part of Global Social Innovation Initiative at Berkeley and am interested in coaching and playing volleyball, reading, and snowboarding when I can. Feel free to email me!

Brandon Pundamiera, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Conservation and Resource Studies

Hey guys! Carson, CA near LA, and I loved starting at FPF SF. I'm part of Pilipino American Alliance (PAA), Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers (PASAE), and Greek life. I enjoy running in track and field, and playing the ukulele. Hope to hear from you

Kaan Dogusoy, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Majors: Computer Science and Applied Math

Hi guys. I came all the way from Istanbul, Turkey and loving my new home here in Berkeley. I enjoy soccer, basketball, programming, web surfing, and web developing. If you're interested in these things or FPF SF, let's connect!

Priscilla Zhang, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Chemistry

Hi there! I'm from San Francisco, CA, so coming to FPF SF was no sweat. I'm part of California Lightweight Rowing at Berkeley, and I love reading and nature. Drop me a line if you want to know more about the Bay or FPF SF! 

Zoe Boosalis, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Majors: Molecular and Cell Biology and Psychology

Hey! I'm from San Francisco, and decided to stick by my hometown by starting at FPF SF. I'm involvedin Worldance Company and theatre, and I'm also a Golden Bear Orientation Leader for new students at Berkeley. Hit me up if you want to connect! 

Ladis Rodriguez, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Majors: Ethnic Studies and Sociology

Hey guys. I 'm from South San Francisco and loved being able to stay close to home in FPF SF. At Berkeley, I'm part of Hermanos Unidos and the Undergraduate Workers Union. I'm passionate about social justice, listening to Hip Hop, and playing Basketball. Drop me a line

Sabrina Kharrazi, FPF Class of 2016
Intended Major: Media Studies
Minor: Journalism, Global Poverty and Practice, and Persian

Hi! I came from Scottsdale, AZ and loving it here in the temperate Bay Area. I enjoy film, playing music, and traveling. If you're curious about FPF SF, Berkeley, or any of these interests, feel free to email me