Ready to get more out of Berkeley?

The Fall Program for Freshmen is a small, collaborative learning community for first-year students in the College of Letters and Science at Berkeley. These are some of the key benefits of our program:

  • Strong community of peers, advisors, and instructors
  • High-impact learning and rigorous academic preparation
  • Tailored first-year curriculum
  • Introduction to Berkeley’s mission of teaching, research, and public service
  • Exclusive workshop series led by advisors, campus experts, and upperclassmen
  • Support from FPF Ambassadors, student mentors
  • Access to all the benefits of Berkeley while being part of FPF

You can think of us as a small, liberal arts college within a larger research university.

Participation in FPF has proven to give our students an edge in terms of higher graduation rates (based on Berkeley's Office of Planning and Analysis data, 2017). FPF allows our students to adapt to Berkeley’s rigorous academic environment by holding foundational courses in smaller classrooms. Imagine taking your first Berkeley math lecture with 49 other students instead of 300. That's the difference. 

Get to Know Us

FPF Ambassadors - Student Mentors

Connect with students who have been through the program! They are eager to share their experience and all the benefits of taking your first semester with FPF at Berkeley. 

Cal Day

April 21, 2018: Cal Day is the best opportunity to visit Berkeley and see all it has to offer. There are a full day of presentations and activities specifically for you. Our staff and ambassadors are on hand to answer any of your questions about the program.

New Student Receptions

In April, the Cal Alumni Association and the UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions host receptions throughout California for newly admitted students. Although Berkeley representatives will be available to answer FPF-related questions, our staff will only be present at some of these receptions. Check out the full list of upcoming events! FPF Staff and Ambassadors will be present at most of the California receptions and these out-of-state receptions:

UC Berkeley Campus Tours

UC Berkeley Visitor Services gives free 90-minute campus tours every day. Stroll around campus with trained student guides who know the ins and outs of campus and student life.