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Who Are the FPF Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are former FPF students who serve as resources for prospective and current FPF students by answering questions, participating in events and workshops, and sharing their personal experiences in FPF!

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FPF Ambassadors are here to help! If you'd like to get your question answered by an FPF Ambassador, send an email to If your question is for a specific Ambassador, please include their name. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Brandon Fong

2018 Cohort
Intended Major: Applied Math
Minor: Economics

Hello! My name is Brandon and I’m from Palm Springs, a desert in Southern California. I plan on majoring in Applied Mathematics, which might sound boring to some people, but I'm really into it! In my free time, I enjoy exploring San Francisco and watching broadway shows. FPF was a great experience and it taught me that seeking help is a great way to succeed at Cal. Good luck on your first semester!

Caitlin Cotter

2018 Cohort
Intended Major: Environmental Economics & Policy Management

Hi I'm Caitlin! I'm a freshman from San Francisco hoping to study something related to environmental science! In my free time I like reading, baking, and hiking. FPF was a great opportunity for me to adjust to college life and coursework. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

David Aka

2018 Cohort
Intended Major: Molecular & Cell Biology

Hey everyone! I am from Los Angeles, CA. FPF helped with my transition into Berkeley. I like to play basketball and help others out. I am always down to answer questions and give feedback on my experience at FPF. Enjoy your college experience, it will be fun!

Grace Lam

2017 Cohort
Intended Major: Cognitive Science

Hey! I'm from Anaheim, CA (Disneyland!). I love rock climbing, snowboarding, going for spontaneous midnight food runs, reading, and traveling. I'm also involved with EthiCAL, Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, BUILD (a youth literacy program), and Christians on Campus. FPF was an awesome experience and community for me — one of my favorite memories was going to Castro Theater in SF (I definitely recommend going) for my Film 50 class. 

Idalys Perez

2016 Cohort
Major: Political Economy
Minor: Public Policy

As a first-generation college student, I was so excited to come to UC Berkeley! FPF gave me the personalized advising I needed. With small classes and supportive instructors, I transitioned to the main campus very easily. I would highly recommend FPF to ANY student wanting to find a tight-knit academic community!

Jazara Metcalf

2018 Cohort
Intended Major: Undecided

Hello! I’m currently undeclared, but I have an interest in STEM and Performing Arts/Media. I enjoy reading, watching movies with friends, baking apple bread, and going outside on sunny days. My favorite FPF memory was going to the UC Botanical Gardens with my Public Speaking class. I am involved in the African American Theme Program and I'm an editor for the Cal Literature & Arts Magazine. If you have any questions about Cal or FPF, feel free to ask - I’d be glad to share my experience!

Jonathan Ho

2018 Cohort
Intended Major: Political Science

Hi! My name is Jonathan and I am a freshman from Daly City, CA. In my free time, I love running on the beach, exploring new cities, and walking my dog, Coffee. On campus, I am part of the Korean American Student Association, the American Red Cross Club, and I am also a Campus Ambassador. I enjoyed FPF because of the small tight-knit community between students and instructors.

Linda Vu

2017 Cohort
Intended Major: Molecular & Cell Biology

Hi! I'm originally from Vietnam, but I have also lived in Florida and southern California. FPF gave me an opportunity to build a close-knit community at Berkeley. In addition to being an FPF Ambassador, I am in three other organizations on campus. I'm also a Golden Bear Orientation Leader! Being a part of FPF was an unforgettable experience that I would love to tell you about!

Priscilla Zhang

2016 Cohort
Majors: Chemistry and Data Science
Minor: Computer Science

I am a third year student at Berkeley. During my time at Cal, I have been part of Cal Lightweight Rowing, and Engineers Without Borders. I've also contributed to a variety of research projects in my fields of interests. I love collaborating with others, meeting new people and going on adventures.

Ray Sullivan

2017 Cohort
Intended Majors: Applied Mathematics and Economics

Hey! I’m from New York, so I travelled all the way across the country to learn here. I am currently involved in a few business organizations here at Cal, as well as Greek life. I understand how daunting it can be to attend college, but FPF made the transition so easy for me and gave me an amazing, inclusive community to make friends and adapt to life at Berkeley.

Salwa Meghjee

2016 Cohort
Intended Major: English
Minor: Creative Writing and Theater

Hi, I'm Salwa! I loved my time at FPF and the experience has shaped my entire time at Berkeley - I met one of my best friends in FPF, and we later co-founded a feminist theatre company called "The Golden." I'm currently employed as FPF's Student Assistant, so I get to spend even more time here! I'm also involved with student government working on mental health advocacy and I sit on a board for Cal Performances. I love to write, bake blueberry pie, and adventure around the bay. If you have any questions about FPF, feel free to reach out!