FPF Student Ambassadors

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Who Are the FPF Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are former Fall Program for First Semester students who serve as resources for prospective and current FPF students by answering questions, participating in events and workshops, and sharing their personal experiences in FPF.

Meet the FPF Student Ambassadors

Headshot of student ambassador Anica Terbijhe

Anica Terbijhe

2021 Cohort

Major: Legal Studies

Hi!!! My name is Anica Terbijhe and I am from a small town in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe! I am a Legal Studies major. In my free time I love exploring new cities, looking for the best iced vanilla lattes in the the area, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family. I joined the FPF ambassador team to help students fall in love with FPF and UC Berkeley, just like I did. Let me know if you need anything, I would love to grab coffee and chat!

Headshot of student ambassador Bridgette Boyle

Bridgette Boyle

2022 Cohort

Intended Major: Economics

Minor: Chinese Language

Hi! My name is Bridgette Boyle and I am an international student from Hong Kong. I also grew up and lived in New York City for 8 years. I am currently a freshman and participated in the FPF program last semester. I love to travel, ski, hike, and listen to music. On campus, I'm involved in Cal Ski Club and Ascend Consulting. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Headshot of student ambassador Cathy Wang

Cathy Wang

2020 Cohort

Major: Psychology

Minor: Clinical Counseling Psychology and Data Science

Hi y'all! I'm Cathy and I'm from the Bay Area (though I lived in Kansas for about 11 years). I'm a psychology major and am also minoring in data science and clinical & counseling psychology! I love corgis, writing, and rewatching Criminal Minds. I'm also involved in URAP, SSPC, Lean on Me, and AFX! FPF really helped my transition into college and I'd love to help you out (or just talk) so feel free to reach out!

Headshot of student ambassador George Cai

George Cai

2020 Cohort

Majors: Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Economics

Hello! My Name is George and I am a Regents and Chancellors Scholar at UC Berkeley. I decided to become an FPF Ambassador because of how much I enjoyed the program and how I desire to help others as well! I enjoy gaming, football, and music! I play Minecraft, Warcraft, Starcraft, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and Destiny. I look forward to making your FPF experience one of the best! Go Bears!

Headshot of student ambassador Gillian Gee

Gillian Gee

2020 Cohort

Majors: English and Gender and Woman's Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Gillian and I am from Sacramento, CA! Outside of school, I love reading, baking/cooking, movies, watching Gilmore Girls, and strumming my ukulele. I hope you enjoy your time in FPF, if you choose to go down this route. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Headshot of student ambassador Hazel Walia

Hazel Walia

2021 Cohort

Intended Major: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Hello there! My name is Hazel, and I'm from Santa Rosa, California. I love reading books, playing video games, and traveling. The reason why I became an FPF ambassador was that I feel the FPF program has helped me feel like I belong at a university like Cal. I hope to share any prior experience I have had with you all and help you feel welcome here! Go Bears!

Headshot of student ambassador Laura Aguilar

Laura Aguilar

2022 Cohort

Intended Majors: Political Science and English

Minor: Journalism and/or Human Rights

Hi ◡̈ My name is Laura and I am originally from Santiago, Chile, and hoping to double major in Political Science and English. I love reading (magical realism is one of my favorite genres), films, and writing. As an international student, FPF allowed me to build deeper connections with my professors and make new friendships while adjusting to life in a new country. I hope to provide you with any support and assistance as you transition into Cal. Feel free to reach out with any questions; we're here to help!

Headshot of student ambassador Osayd Asif Bashir

Osayd Asif Bashir

2022 Cohort

Intended Major: Business Administration

Hello, my name is Osayd Asif and I am a freshman from Karachi, Pakistan, intending to major in Business Administration. With my outgoing personality and avid passion for design, I aim to explore the effects of technology on business around the world. Apart from working on my startups, I love going on hikes, taking pictures of the sunset, and spending time outdoors with friends.

Headshot of student ambassador Quinn Lichterman

Quinn Lichterman

2021 Cohort

Major: Psychology

Minor: Science, Technology, and Society and Public Policy

Hey all, I'm Quinn Lichterman from Los Angeles, California. I'm currently planning in majoring in Psychology with minors in Science Technology and Society, Geography, and in Public Policy. Outside of academics I participate in the United Nations Association of Berkeley, BioethiCal, and The Dialectic clubs on campus! I also have a couple research internships and I enjoy playing video games and wearing crocs. Feel free to ask me questions!

Headshot of student ambassador Renee Messinger

Renée Messinger

2021 Cohort

Major: Linguistics

Minor: French

Hey, my name is Renée Messinger, and I'm from Bainbridge Island, WA. I'm a current sophomore majoring in Linguistics. FPF is an amazing community that made me feel very included and welcomed when I first came to Cal. I feel it's very important that incoming students know about this enriching program. As for me, I love music (I sing opera), cooking, sewing (I design runway looks for FAST, a student fashion club), and hiking! Please feel free to reach out to myself or any other FPF Ambassador with your questions! Hope to see you on-campus :)

Headshot of student ambassador Tanvi Yalamanchili

Tanvi Yalamanchili

2021 Cohort

Intended Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hello! My name is Tanvi Yalamanchili, and I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life. I am intending to major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and go the pre-med route. Outside of school, I love baking/cooking, watching Friends and Modern Family, playing tennis, and finding new restaurants and coffee shops. I really enjoyed being a part of FPF because of the small class sizes and opportunity to get to know my professors, so please reach out if you have any questions at all!

Former FPF student testimonials

“I feel that FPF truly helped my transition from high school to college due to the overwhelming support and opportunities given by the program. This semester was difficult to begin with, but I don't think I would've succeeded in the same way without this program.”

—Emily Nightingale, FPF Cohort 2020

“I would recommend FPF to anyone who is worried about the transition to college, especially if they're first-generation and may not have a lot of support and advice back home. FPF's smaller classes and more accessible resources not only make the transition easier and less overwhelming but provide many resources to help you!”

—Jackie Yu, FPF Cohort 2019

“FPF was the best decision I made in college thus far. The professors were amazing and I built real connections with them. I made lifelong friends. The classes were challenging and pushed me to strive to be better.”

—Sophanit Getahoun, FPF Cohort 2018

“FPF was a very tight knit community—one where everyone knew each other and shared similar dynamics to high school. I found the courses to be very intriguing but that was thanks to the excellent professors, maybe I was just lucky. I actually also met my best friend through FPF—I really can't say enough great things about FPF and really cherish that chapter of my life.”

—Andy Qi, FPF Cohort 2010