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FPF has been around since 1983 supporting incoming first-year students in the College of L&S. While FPF has adapted policies and procedures based on student feedback and changed with the times, there's one thing we continue to do: be a small learning community for newly admitted first semester students at UC Berkeley. Even students from 1983 share similar experiences to today’s FPF students. Two ways for you to keep in touch and get involved are by connecting with us via LinkedIn and our annual newsletter.

 Fall Program for First Semester LinkedIn Networking Group

FPF LinkedIn Networking Group

Are you looking to reconnect with others who were in your FPF cohort? Or want to network with FPF instructors, graduates, or current students? Join our LinkedIn FPF networking group! Ask questions, share events, participate in discussions and build your network!

FPF Times

FPF Times is an annual newsletter we send to former FPF students via email. Beginning in 2020, this newsletter keeps you updated on our accomplishments for the year, highlighting current FPF students, featuring recent artistic and scholarly work by our FPF instructors, and so much more! If you would like to be added to the mailing list, be sure to email us at


Your gift will help first-year students in FPF enjoy some of the following benefits compared to non-participants:

  • A liberal arts program with a curriculum focused primarily on fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • More direct interaction with instructors.
  • Enhanced student support services including regular one-on-one advising.
  • Dedicated classroom facilities to enhance the cohort experience.
  • Additional workshops and programming designed to complement the curriculum and to build community.