The Fall Program for Freshmen 

You live on campus.

You take smaller classes.

Berkeley is ready for you to explore.

Think BIG. Start small.  

Berkeley is big. FPF is small.

Our small size offers a lot of benefits for a new student at Berkeley. For the fall semester only, you take FPF's selected classes with the same cohort of peers, make friends from day-one, and explore all that Berkeley has to offer. Your advisors and instructors hold office hours right on site, making them much more accessible to you.

FPF classes mostly are held on our own mini campus, just three blocks south of Berkeley’s central campus, across the street from Unit 2 Residence Halls. Our class sizes range from 14 to 100 seats,  and 80% of our classes are under 50 seats. These small class sizes allow for high-impact learning.  Many of these same courses on campus are taught in 300 to 1,000-person lectures!  

If you’d rather be anonymous and be part of the crowd, you may want something else. For the additional program fee, FPF provides a close-knit community where people are going to know you by name and take an interest in your success. Want in?


Students are invited to choose FPF as a first-year pathway on their MyBerkeleyApp upon admission to the University and the College of Letters and Science. Our program does not accept direct applications, accepts students on a first-come, first-served basis, and comes with an additional program fee. 

"FPF is a wonderful program. I love how small and individual it feels while also allowing one to experience campus. I'm glad to have been an FPF student."

—Christie Matsumo, FPF alumna

Class Sizes Matter

Math 1A on Campus: 313

Math 1A at FPF: 83

Psych 1 on Campus: 474

Psych 1 at FPF: 100

Stats 2 on Campus: 321

Stats 2 at FPF: 57

Get to Know Us


FPF Ambassadors - Student Mentors

Connect with students who have been through the program! They are eager to share their experience and all the benefits of taking your first semester at Berkeley with FPF. 

Campus Tours

Free 90-minute campus tours are given by UC Berkeley Visitor Services every day. Stroll around campus with trained student guides who know the ins and outs of campus and student life.