Main Campus

Main Campus Courses of 3 or More Units

You may enroll in one lower division (courses numbered 1-99) class of 3 units or more outside of the FPF curriculum. This is per L&S guidelines during the Adjustment Period of enrollment. You must also take the FPF versions of classes that are also offered outside of our curriculum. Check the Berkeley Academic Guide to find courses and review course descriptions for requirements satisfied, prerequisites, or co-requisites.

You can contact your FPF advisor for questions about courses outside of the FPF core curriculum.

Main Campus Courses of 2 or Less Units

You may enroll in classes of 2 units or less outside of the FPF curriculum per L&S guidelines during Phase 2. This excludes Freshmen/Sophomore Seminars (courses numbered 24, 39, and 84). These courses are also referred to as "enrichment opportunities." They often do not fulfill college or major requirements, and are intended to supplement students' core courses. Be sure to review the course description for prerequisites or co-requisites.

You can contact your FPF advisor for questions about any other enrichment opportunities.

Common Course Categories

Berkeley Connect: Berkeley Connect matches undergraduates with an experienced Berkeley graduate student pursuing a PhD who mentor you for the semester. To sign up, enroll in a Berkeley Connect seminar.

DeCal Courses: The Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal) Program is an aggregate of student-run courses. Students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of subjects!

Performing Arts classes (Music Ensembles, TDPS): The Music Department offers a number of performance ensembles including African Music, Jazz & Improvised Music, University Chorus & Chamber Chorus, Symphony Orchestra, and more. TDPS offers several theater and dance courses.

Physical Education: The Physical Education (P.E.) Program offers courses in Dance, Fitness, Aquatics, Team and Individual Sports, and Martial Arts. Beginning through advanced levels are available.

ROTC: Courses required by Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, and NROTC.

Theme Housing: Students who live in Theme Housing take a for-credit seminar course associated with their theme community.

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program: The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work with UC Berkeley professors on research projects. The program helps you gain access to the work that faculty do outside of the classroo. Develop your research skills by contributing to the faculty mentors' projects. Students in any college and any class level are welcome to apply, although they may not qualify for every project.