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FPF is a First Year Pathway that creates a small, collaborative learning community within the large university. Over its 41-year history, it has become a cornerstone experience for new students to support their entry to UCB. FPF is offered during the first semester only, and like other collegiate first-year programs, it equips students with a curated curriculum and proactive advising. 

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  • Build a strong, collaborative network of relationships among peers, advisors, and instructors.
  • Engage in high-impact learning activities through smaller class sizes, with most classes being less than 40 students.
  • FPF instructors teach all modalities -- lectures, discussions, and seminars, allowing for them to get to know you more closely.
  • Proactive and personalized advising during summer and fall. Remote summer advising to help you establish your academic goals, explore interests, and plan fall course selection.
  • Take classes from within FPF's core curriculum while exploring majors and satisfying degree requirements.
  • Support from FPF Ambassadors (former FPF students currently at UC Berkeley) starting in the summer.
  • Community learning experiences, such as instructor lead symposia, student ambassador workshops, and first-year seminars
  • Access to tutoring and other academic support services.
  • Introduction to UC Berkeley's mission of teaching, research, and public service.
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  • Be a newly admitted student in the College of Letters & Science (excludes transfers or returning students). FPF students are regularly enrolled students in the College of Letters & Science.


  • FPF is not approved for VA educational benefits, including Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) and Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35). If you plan to use veterans educational benefits, FPF may not be for you.
  • If you have a California Community College IGETC, FPF may not be for you as we have a limited curriculum and may not offer the classes you need.
  • FPF students must follow the enrollment policies set by FPF and the College of Letters & Science Dean's Office, such as taking a minimum of 9 units from the FPF curriculum.
  • Most FPF classes are held in the Golden Bear Center (GBC) at 1995 University Ave., three blocks west of UC Berkeley's main part of campus. Neighboring programs in and around GBC include: Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, East Asian Studies, Berkeley International Office (BIO), and the School of Public Health.