Student Services

FPF students enjoy all the benefits of being a UC Berkeley student while participating in our program. The lounges of Golden Bear Center and the nearby Berkeley Way West (and their restaurants!) are open to all students. Here are some important resources and services that are particularly useful for freshmen. 

FPF Resources

Math Lab and Writing Lab: In addition to campus resources, FPF have light tutoring and drills on a weekly basis.  Math Lab covers content from Math 32, 1A, 1B, 16A.  Writing Lab supports multiple disciplines.  

Workshops: FPF provides a range of workshops each fall. This past fall included: Spring registration, navigating the campus, resume writing, and spotlight on different majors.  We also have panels and workshops presented by our Student Ambassadors.  Our future offerings respond to student needs. A notable event was which highlights activities and research that cultivate skills for community engagement and promoting social justice. Each session features two FPF instructors who share work derived from interdisciplinary or collaborative projects.  Our most 2019 session featured:

  • "Teaching Octavia Butler in a Course on Colonialism and Science Fiction" presented by Dr. Aparajita Nanda (instructor for XGWS 50AC and XENGLIS R1B)
  • "From the Classroom to the Community, and Back Again: Reflections on American Cultures Engaged Scholarship" presented by Dr. Seth Lunine (instructor for XGEOG 50AC)

Campus Resources

Cal Dining: Brown's California Cafe is the closest to GBC to use your meal plan. There are many dining halls and cafe locations to use you meal swipes. 

Campus Shuttle: Use your Cal 1 Card to board the campus shuttle.  There is a variety of transit to get around, but the H Line and Perimeter Line are popular to get around campus. 

Career Center: Prepares undergraduates, graduate students and alumni to make informed decisions about their futures by providing comprehensive resources, programs and counseling on career development, internships, employment and graduate school. Check out the Pre-Med Guide for everything you need to know about preparing for medical school, including general prerequisites, MCAT advice and what kind of field experience you will need before applying. It’s never too early to look into the opportunities available.

Career Counseling Library (at the Tang Center): The Career Counseling Library provides comprehensive counseling to help you select a major and make career decisions. Services include individual career counseling, career assessments, and research on majors, careers, and graduate school.

Scholarship Connection: UC Berkeley's clearinghouse for information on scholarships that are funded by sources outside of the University. Scholarship Connection is run by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships (OUR). It receives hundreds of scholarship notices each year.

Student Learning Center (SLC): Meet with more than 250 tutors and instructors and 20 professional staff to help support your education in most common core lower-division courses.

Recreational Sports Facility (RSF): The University’s largest, most complete fitness center, with more than 100,000 square feet of activity space, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, three weight rooms and seven basketball courts. 

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP): A team of staff advisors equips you with the knowledge, understanding and skills for work and life in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, in addition to providing information about studying abroad.

University Health Services

Your tuition and campus fees cover basic medical care services through University Health Services (UHS) at the Tang Center. UHS provides medical care and clinical services, health education and promotion, counseling and psychological services, and more. UHS does not provide hospitalization and specialty services.

In addition to UHS services, UC Berkeley requires all students to carry major health insurance that covers hospitalization and specialty services. You will be automatically enrolled in the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan Berkeley (SHIP) when you register for FPF, and the charge will appear on your Campus Accounts Receivable System (CARS) bill. You can choose to keep Berkeley SHIP, or you can waive it if you have coverage through a major medical insurance plan that is comparable to Berkeley SHIP. For waiver deadlines, eligibility, instructions, forms and FAQs, please visit University Health Services or call (510) 642-2000.


UC Berkeley's residence halls provide many opportunities for lifelong friendships, leadership skills, work, play, and getting academic support to keep you on the road to graduation and success. The closest residence halls to 1995 University Ave are Unit 3 and Blackwell Hall.  Foothill is a straight downhill walk to FPF.  

Disabled Students' Program

The UC Berkeley Disabled Students' Program (DSP) supports students with disabilities in achieving academic success by providing accommodations for a wide range of documented cognitive, sensory and mobility impairments. As an FPF student, you may receive support from disability specialists, professional-development courses and accessibility experts during your time in FPF and in your further studies on campus.

It is important to begin the accommodation process as early as possible once you have your FPF course schedule finalized to ensure that DSP can coordinate support services as necessary. Services might include assistive technology, note-takers, extended or distraction-free test-taking, a reduced course load or other accommodations.

Visit for more information and click on "New Students" tab to apply as a new student.